• Botox is used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and fine lines to give the skin a smoother and more youthful appearance. It is often used in areas such as the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes.
  • Spread: Botox is known for its precise and localized effects. It tends to stay closer to the injection site.
  • Onset and Duration: Botox typically takes a few days to start showing noticeable effects, with the full results becoming evident within two weeks. The effects can last for three to six months, depending on the individual and the treated area.
Dysport®️  College Station, TX


  • Dysport is another brand of botulinum toxin similar to Botox. It is also used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. Some individuals and practitioners prefer Dysport due to differences in formulation, onset of action, and diffusion.
  • Spread: Dysport is said to have a broader spread, potentially covering a larger treatment area.
  • Onset and Duration: Dysport is reported by some practitioners to have a slightly quicker onset, with results appearing within a day or two. Like Botox, the duration of Dysport’s effects is generally three to six months.


At Perfectly You, we understand that the journey to timeless beauty often starts with smoother, more youthful looking skin. Wrinkles and fine lines are a natural part of the aging process that can be minimized to offer a more youthful appearance. It’s important to note that individual responses to these treatments can vary, and the choice between Botox and Dysport can be discussed between the patient and practitioner. Consulting with a qualified healthcare professional will provide personalized insights and help determine the most suitable option based on individual goals and considerations.

What areas can be treated

Frown lines, forehead lines, crows feet, bunny lines (lines to appear on the side of the nose), marionette lines, chin dimpling, lip flip, TMJ, jowls, and jawline.

How long do the results typically last?

Results typically lasting 3-4 months.

What are the differences between BOTOX & Dysport?

Botox and Dysport are both popular treatments to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, but they have some differences. Dysport often gets to work a little faster, showing results in just a few days, while Botox may take a bit longer, about a week. Your choice between Botox and Dysport can depend on your individual needs and preferences.

Are wrinkle relaxers safe?

Yes, Both Botox and Dysport have a strong safety record when administered by a trained professional.